Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Spud-tacular Health Fair

President of the College Dr. Wood with Dr. Lynch
While many students came to the Quad because of the Big Idaho Potato (and the free food), the biggest fry was the Health Fair. There were over a dozen tables each with a different focus; some on mental and physical health while others were from various health professions and organizations. 

Students waiting to write their six-word story 
Personally, my favorite tables were tables where you could learn about the psychology behind different colors and the impact they can have and Humans of RCC's table where you could write your own six-word story. 

After RCC’s Campus Players performed a number from their upcoming show, “West Side Story”, there wasn’t a couch-potato in sight as students and faculty alike got up to dance with Rocky. Everything boiled down to that people were learning, having fun and enjoying this beautiful spring weather while doing it!
Rocky getting down and dancing with students

 The entire event was spud-tacular from starch to finish!

I think that’s enough with the potato puns, I’m all fried out. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

How to have a Disco without Noise

While I'm not sure that people don’t really go to discos anymore, I think everyone should experience a Silent Disco. For those who aren’t sure what a Silent Disco is, it’s where there isn’t any music played out-loud but over headphones with 3 different radio stations, and lights on the headphones change depending on what station you’re listening to (red, green, or blue).
The Student DJs
So, once you take off your headphones, it’s practically silent: there’s no shouting to talk to someone who’s right in front of you or a pounding headache from techno-music so loud that you can’t hear right for hours afterward.  

Since each student-DJ was playing a different genre, you could be listening to something mellow and chill while seeing other people on a different station jamming out and dancing around to something up-beat. Some people would get really hyped when a certain song came on and get their friends to change to the same station. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of people do the Electric Slide in complete “silence” because you didn’t have your headphones on at that time.

The Silent Disco, and events like it, are not only super fun but cater to a much wider audience. You get to control your music, the volume level and can just take your headphones off if you need a break. So the next time Student Activities Board (SAB) holds a Silent Disco, or something like it, try and go, you’ll be g3.0lad you did! 

Just "Google" It

You have a final research paper due for Multicultural Studies class and it is to be one-thousand words. If only you would have taken notes in class, then maybe you would have what to write. If only. You pull out your syllabus and peruse the lesson topics listed. As your finger moves from line to line, you pinpoint the topic you will write about. The brutal history of Native Americans. Realizing that although you were physically present, each day in class your mind was elsewhere. Your mind is blank. You were playing on your phone all semester. What will you write? It's time to do some research.

You flip open your laptop, open your go to browser, and type “” into the address bar. Behold the world is now at your fingertips. The power of the internet is before you, completely at your mercy. You don’t stop to think about the vast depths of knowledge which you have the capability to access. All your mind is doing is calculating how many more hours you have until class, when your essay is due. If only you took a second to appreciate that you have the capability to obtain knowledge of any far fetched idea ever conceived by humankind. Whether you want to learn about ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics or you want to learn the technique behind writing a killer rap song, with a few swift motions of your fingers, Google will find it for you.

But how does Google do it? How does Google find websites matching the exact keywords you are looking for? With over one billion web pages on the internet, Google sifts through it with ease and pumps out results within a fraction of a second. It’s mind boggling.

After doing some research (on Google!), I have found the answer. Google has a program called GoogleBot which continuously crawls through the entire internet indexing the web pages it finds. As it comes across new websites or links, it adds it to the never ending index. Through sophisticated algorithms, GoogleBot is able to dive into and categorize all the information it comes across. With all the information indexed, Google creates a ranking for the page called Google PageRank. When you enter your search query, Google matches it with the most relevant webpage based on the web pages PageRank.

The process is fascinating and exceedingly complex, yet when you go online and “google” something, you don’t realize the amazing technology being used to assist you. Next time you go online to do some research, take a second to think about the amazing technological world we live in.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Summer Classes?

Summer is the time for barbequing, spending time at the beach, and hanging out with friends. Did you also know that summer can be a great time to get caught up with your classes?

Rockland Community College has three summer sessions. Summer Session I begins on May 30 and lasts until July 3. Summer Sessions II is the longest of the three sessions, lasting eight weeks in total, from July 6 to the 1st of August. The last session, Summer Session III, starts on July 5 and ends August 7. Summer Session I and III are five weeks long.

Summer classes are open to high school students, visiting students, and of course RCC students. If you are planning on taking a summer class, register now before the spots fill up. May 30th is the last day to register for a summer class, in the first session.

The registration process is the same as it is for the Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters. Login onto WebAdvisor, search for the class that you want, and register for it online. You can also do this in person at the Registration desk in the Technology Center. Before you do anything however, consult with your department advisor to make sure that the class you are taking will go towards your degree.

There are many benefits to summer classes. First, you can catch up or get ahead in your academics. This will lighten your Fall semester workload and it will enable you to graduate faster. The classes are also much quicker and shorter in duration, so you won’t be in the classroom all summer long. Lastly, the parking won’t nearly be as bad as it is during the Fall and Spring semesters!

To find out more information about summer classes, visit RCC here

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Meet our SGA President!

Hi, Hawks! This week, I interviewed Gabrielle Wan, our president in the Student Government Association (SGA)! Let's get to know more about our SGA president! 

Q. Why did you want to be a president? 

A. I wanted to be a president because I felt that there were a lot of things about SGA that could be improved and made more efficient. I am the kind of a person who likes to get jobs done early and I trust myself a lot more than I trust other people. I also had a vision for the student government and the direction that I wanted everybody to follow so I decided to take that position.

Q. How SGA changes you?
A. I learned how to have a very strict work/life balance. For example, I checked my emails 24/7 before but it stressed me out and drained me really quickly. After I realized it was a problem, I learned how to implement this work/life balance. Now, I do not check emails at home except for the urgent ones. I only check my emails when I am in school. I have also learned a lot about being professional and professionalism, and how not to be personally and emotionally involved when it comes to work.

Q. Do you have any message for students?
A. Yes. For freshman – really get involved (there are a lot of students who just come to school for class and then go home immediately). Getting involved really enriches your college life. It helps you to meet new people and make new friends. Be in a club or do volunteering. Even if you are not interested, there is definitely something for you so just try some and develop your interests.
For the sophomore students  – apply to college early. Don’t apply last minute.

Did you guys know that I am a sophomore senator?

Thanks, Gabrielle. We will soon have E-board elections for the Student Government next year! Stay tuned, Hawks! You are always welcome to visit our office and learn more about SGA! 

Medicine to the Perfectionism

Medicine for Perfectionism

                Having finished three semesters, I realized that the college life is a hodgepodge of personal and academic struggles that are both fulfilling and bothersome. Now, I am confronted with one of the biggest struggles - perfectionism.

                As some of you might know, I am a perfectionist. If I get a score below 80, I would completely be seized by anxiety. This week, I got one of the worst scores in my entire life and my self-esteem plummeted. When I realized how perfectionism is bothersome, I decided to seek a way to alleviate it. What is the medicine for perfectionism?

Speak with Friends
The first thing I did was to talk with my peers. I strongly feel that friends are sometimes more helpful than counselors because they already know about me deeply.

Sleep and forget 

The second thing I did was to take a nap and try to forget it. Needless to say, I didn’t forget everything – I still understand that I performed poorly. Yet, the nap refreshed my mind and I was able to think more positively.

I wrote, “Grade is not everything” on a small card and put it on the wall. I tried to be as optimistic as possible. I also told myself countlessly, “Let it be.” Optimism really helps!

I presume that many college students are in the same boat. We shouldn’t be taken over by a grade but rather should take over it. Let’s think positively and make the campus life unforgettable!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

3 Ways to make your college application essay stand out.

Image result for college application

Everyone wants their college application to be the best. They want it to stand out from the others.Here are three ways that would make your college application stand out.
  1. Don't Hide Your Light Under A Bushel. Praising oneself can sometimes feel icy and make you feel somewhat egotistical. However, putting things that you are good at in your  essay can be a big help for you. 
    1. Tell Them About It. Tell them about how much you would like to go to the school that you are applying to. This might be very helpful. However, make sure that you have done all the research you need to do on that college,so that you can also recite what you know about that school. 
    2. Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. Don't forget to include your hope for the future. Tell them where you see yourself in the years to come. This shows that you have a plan for the future. You have a dream that you want to achieve!
    This is all from  USATODAY, they had article about college applications.